The Women Made Whole Conference, held at True Divine Baptist Church in Montgomery,Alabama opened its doors to over 50 women on Sept. 17, 2016. The sponsoring organization,  Women Made Whole,  was  founded by Courtney Pettway. She states, “Our aim is to create a safe haven where women are transformed by the love and saving power of Jesus Christ.”  The conference was intended to build up women’s faith in God so they may be lead others to believe in Him too.
“Our theme for the year is CALLED. We believe every woman is CALLED by God for a specific purpose! What is that purpose? To preach the gospel to all by sharing the truth of God’s Word   and spreading the love of Jesus Christ in word and in action! God desires to use you for his glories, in spite  of your failures, your past, your fears, or your shortcomings,”  said Courtney.
The Women Made Whole Conference, is broken down into 4 classes: Ester, Ruth, Mary’s Secret and Hannah.  Each class was taught by different women whom are actively serving God with their whole hearts. The classes’ titles were all based on, Ester, Ruth, Mary’s Secret and Hannah who were all women who trusted God despite their circumstances, and allowed his purpose to be fulfilled.
Courtney , “Women conferences, help build up women spiritually, so they may finish the work, God has placed before them.”
Necole Bell, an attendee at the Women Made Whole Conference, stated, “This conference was a blessing to my soul.”
Necole, attended the all the classes that were offered at the conference and she stated, “Each class allowed her to see, how each woman trusted God, to fulfill his perfect will.”
Courtney heard some women asking how do they  discover their purpose, so she replied,
“Our purpose is to Glorify God. We have all been called to glorify Him. Our paths may be different, but our purpose is to give him glory.”
worshipPraise and Worship session during the Conference
 Image by Patrice Miller
The Women Made Whole Conference used examples of women in the Bible who trusted God to show each attendee that every woman can be called to fulfill a specific purpose in life.
 Brittney Jay, the founder and President  of High Heels and Standards. Which is an organization that teach single women, to live by God standards and not the world. Brittney uses examples of Ruth, to teach single women, to continue to do the Lord work, and not to get caught up in waiting on Boaz that you neglect God assignment for your life.
“We must trust in God in spite of hardships, trials, and grief. Ruth’s story provides a real life account of how God sovereignly protected and provided for a family as they weathered some tough times. Obedience brings Ruth into the privileged lineage of Christ,”  said Brittney Jay.
 Brittney Jay on the left, speaker and founder of High Heels and Standards, with her Mother pictured on the right
Image by Patrice Miller
The Women Made Whole Conference, also included seminars on raising pure kids in an impure world and having patience to endure the journey God has called you on. The Women Made Whole Conference brought women of all ages and background together to get to know God. At the end of the day, the conference helped to empower women and allowed them to discover how they too can be useful to God.


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