Coach Brandy, having a talk with her team before they move on to their next practice routine. Image By Patrice Miller

A former gymnast comes back to the sport she loved as a child, to build up gymnasts who have the same passion. Brandy Wyatt Love, is a gymnastic coach at United Gym Stars in Montgomery, Alabama. There she teaches young gymnasts the skills that are required, for the next level. Growing up coach Brandy also did gymnastic, and loved the sport.  Coach Brandy says, she has been able to share her passion with young gymnasts for 20 years.

“I wanted to keep my gymnastics skills up, so I went back into the sport as a Coach,” said Coach Brandy.

Coach Brandy has traveled to different states, where she has coached at different gymnastic centers, before coming to United Gym stars.  Coach Brandy, coaches the beginning levels which are one, two and three. She teaches her girls the skills that are needed to take on the next higher levels.

“I have had gymnasts to go off to college doing gymnastic,” said Coach Brandy.

Coach Brandy enjoys what she does as a gymnast coach. It makes her proud to see girls she once coached competing on a college level. Right now her beginning levels are in their competition season, where they are able to compete with other gymnasts around the state of Alabama.

“It brings joy to me to see how I have impacted their life to be stronger and dedicated,” stated Coach Brandy.

Coach Brandy says, she is more than just a coach she is also a second mother to her girls. She shows her girls tuff love and how to work together as a team. Coach Brandy girls are living up to their team name United Gym Stars, and are bring home victories. She tells her girls to work as hard as they can, try their best and work harder to improve their skills. Coach Brandy says, she has taught her girls how to keep up with their scores from each competition.  With keeping up with their scores, the girls are able to see where improvement is needed.

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