The Alabama National Fair has kicked off it 63rd annual event in Montgomery, Alabama  and this year new to the fair is Team Rock. Team Rock is a ministry that travels around the world to broadcast its martial arts skills and also to deliver a message that will be life changing. Mickey Welsh from the Montgomery Advertiser states, “As usual, the Alabama National Fair will have some new attractions when it kicks off Oct.28 at the Garrett Coliseum.”

“This team of martial arts experts has been wowing audiences around the world with high-flying, jaw –dropping performances that showcase an extraordinary display of extreme breaking and theatrics, has been wowing audiences around the world with high flying, jaw-dropping performances,” Team Rock Ministry.

Team Rock mission is to help fight against child hunger around the world. After each show, Team Rock informs the audience of ways they can help with the fight by sponsoring a child for a small fee once a month. This will help families who can’t afford food, be able to feed their children each day off the funds that are provided.

A member of  Team Rock Ministry, gave his own testimony about how his family went from sponsoring a child, to adopting him. They bring their adopted child along with them, so people can see the importance of sponsoring a child and how it can change a child’s life. Team Rock will be at the Alabama National Fair from October 28 till November 6th to broadcast their ministry.

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