Dalraida Elementary School, in Montgomery, AL, hosted its first Olympics game for students who continue to show excellent behavior. Ms. Danielle Butts the Guidance counselor at Dalraida organized the event as part of the Dalraida PBIS program (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support). This event was for Kindergarten through 5th grade students who’s conduct for the first 9 week’s report card were all A’s or AB conduct.  Students who did not show excellent behavior in the first 9 weeks were not able to participate.

“This event is for students who had A or AB conduct this past 9 weeks on their report card. Students who were not able to participate, has to sit in another teacher’s class during the event,” stated Ms. Butts.

The Dalraida Olympics had 5 events for students to participate in.  These events were, who could put together a puzzle the fastest, mathematics, balance a book on your head, lip sync, and who could sketch the best.  Each grade level went up against someone from another class. Ms. Butts gave each class a color for students and teachers to wear to support the student that would represent their class.

“This year Dalraida introducing the Seven Habits of Happy kids. Each month, starting in September, we will be introducing one of the seven habits. The purpose of this program is to give all children an opportunity to be leaders of themselves in school, at home and in the community,” states Dalriada Elementary.

Ms. Butts reached out to parents via email, to ask for volunteers to assist her with this event. Rebecca Bury from the Montgomery Advertisements states, “Research has shown that parents who spend time each day helping their children in school can help them succeed in school regardless of ethnic back ground , socioeconomic status or even parent’s education level.” Each student that won one of the events, did receive a reward and those who participated received something as well. The teachers also helped out to make sure the event went well.



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