Necole S Bell is supporting her daughter dream, to help her succeed as a gymnast. Necole works with her daughter every day at home on her gymnastic skills.  Necole works with her daughter so she will be able to perfect each skill to move on to the next level. Jhadyn hopes to one day make it to the United States Olympics, where she will represent her Country as a gymnast.  Necole plays a major role in her daughter life with supporting her decision to do gymnastic. Jhadyn has a balance beam, and bar set at home to practice on when she is not at the gym.

“I look at the long term goals, the long term investment that will pay off in the end,” stated Necole”

Necole is not only a mother to her gymnast daughter, but plays the role as her coach when she is at home. Jhadyn practice for an hour each day, while her mom critiques her skills and techniques. Jhadyn has also attended the University of Alabama gymnastics camp held each year during the summer.

Jhadyn is currently preparing for the Alabama state meet in December, there she will compete against other gymnast in her age range. Necole stated she will continue to support her daughter, work with her at home, and also on her skills so she she can do great at the state meet.

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