Robert High School Located in Montgomery, Alabama. (Photo by Patrice Miller)

Ken Johnson a former quarterback who graduated from Robert E. Lee 15 years ago, came back to his alumni as a quarterback coach.  A story was featured on Coach Ken Johnson after his team was announced Montgomery city champions, “A Coach Ambition Gives His Players a Purpose.”  Kimberly Jones a former Robert E. Lee alumni, attended every home game of the season.


Robert E. Lee Football practice field. (Photo by Patrice Miller)

 Robert E Lee High school Football 2016 City Champions of Montgomery, Alabama, had to forfeit all of their winning games for the season. According to Vince Lennon of Alabama News stated, “Lee played an ineligible student in violation of the AHSAA Suspensions Rule found on page 36 of the 2016-17 AHSAA Handbook, which states a transfer student must be in good standing with the student’s previous school(s).”


Cramton Bowl Football stadium where Robert E. Lee played all home games. Located in Montgomery, AL. (Photo by Patrice Miller)

“It was degrading to find out we had to forfeit our wins for the season. My heart went out to the coaches and the players who played their hearts out,” stated Kimberly Jones.

Cramton Bowl Ticket Booth where football tickets to the games are sold. (Photo by Patrice Miller)

Vince Lennon of Alabama News stated, “The probationary period is a warning that other violations of this nature could bring further sanctions against the school.”  Robert E. Lee 2016 season was full of wins but one mistake cost them everything they worked hard for during the season.

Cramton Bowl Score board. (Photo by Patrice Miller)

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