Belks Activity Center where the Alabama State Gymnastics Championships was held in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.( Photo Taken by Patrice Miller)

 Alabama hosted its 2016 Women Gymnast state meet in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at the Belk Activity Center this weekend.  Gymnasts traveled from all over Alabama, especially an 8 year old  Gymnast  named  E’Laisia Miller from Montgomery, Alabama.

E’Laisia pictured on the left besides Kristen who is also a gymnast and Jhadyn pictured on the right who is also a gymnast. (Photo taken by Patrice Miller)

“This is my third year doing gymnastic, but my second year competing on a competitive team,” stated E’Laisia Miller.

Scoreboard with E’Laisia final score on the Floor routine. (Photo taken by Patrice Miller)

E’Laisia is on the United Gymstars and Cheer gymnastics level two team. E’Laisia says she is on a mission to follow in  Gabby Douglas the U.S. Gymnast footsteps.  E’Laisia who goes by the nick name “Lai Lai” says, “Gabby Douglas is someone I look up to, I hope to one day represent my country in the U.S Olympics the same way Gabby has.”  E’Laisia says she practice 3 days a week and her parents provide her with private lessons, which is one on one practice with the head coach.

Douglas, Gabby. (2016) Instagram. Retrieved from https://www.instagram.com/p/OR6c1zN5lV/?taken-by=gabbycvdouglas

E’Laisia completed her last event at the meet, she heads into another room where her mother, and grandparents wait to see where she placed in each event. E’Laisia grandmother Bessie Stevenson sits in the front row, with her phone out ready to take pictures of E’Laisia as she comes on stage.

“ E’Laisia loves gymnastics, she looks up to Gabby Douglas as if she’s her big sister. E’Laisia love for this sport has made our family fall in love with this sport. We will support her dream, and hopefully this will lead her to the Jr Olympics, and eventually the U.S Olympics,” stated Bessie Stevenson.

E’Laisia leading the line to take her place on her stage. (Photo taken by Patrice Miller)

E’Laisa finished the state meet with 4th place overall, 1ST place Vault, 1ST place Balance beam, 3RD place floor routine and 9TH place bars. Surrounded by her family and teammates she celebrates her hard work.

E’Laisia standing on stage at Alabama State Meet. (Photo By Patrice Miller)

“I am so proud of my baby, she placed 4th place out of 42 girls in her age range,” stated Bessie Stevenson.

E’Laisia says since this season is over, she will now move on to level 3 and learn new routines for each event.

E’Laisia showing off her medals after the competition. (Photo taken by Patrice Miller)

“I hope to one day meet Gabby, and tell her how much she inspires me to stay focus as a gymnast, and I’m walking in her footsteps,” stated E’Laisia.

Douglas, Gabby. (2016). Instagram. Retrieved fromhttps://www.instagram.com/p/BM61JdIgWpb/?taken-by=gabbycvdouglas

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