Alabama Association of School Board, located in Montgomery, Alabama.                             (Photo by Patrice Miller)

The Montgomery, Alabama Public school system magnet application process is about to begin for the 2017 and 2018 school year.  The magnet school application can be downloaded from the the Montgomery Public school system website at www.mps.k12.al.us.  According to the Montgomery Public School system website, the magnet school application could also be  obtained by any Montgomery Public school or the Montgomery County Board of Education located at 307 South Decatur Street. Application details are also available on the Montgomery Public School System website.

The magnet school application process was changed in 2015. According to Drew Taylor of the Montgomery Advertisement stated, “Changes with applications included allowing only one application for each level elementary, middle and high schools- rather than a separate one for each schools having all applications processed at the MPS Central Office, testing for new applicants only for kindergarten and first grade , the elimination of ranking in order to fill spots and required auditions at arts magnet schools for interested students.”  That came in effect for the 2016-2017 school year for the Montgomery public school system.

The Montgomery Public school system website, does provide information of each Magnet school in the Montgomery area.  A list of those Magnet school are Bear Exploration Center, Carver Elementary Arts, Forest Avenue Academic, MacMillan International Academy, Baldwin Academic Magnet, Carr Academic Magnet, Floyd Middle Magnet, Booker T. Washington Magnet, Brewbaker Technology Magnet, and Loveless Academic Magnet.   The Montgomery Public School system website does provide information about each magnet school with their requirements, location and grade point average to apply for each school.

MacMillian International Academy. One of 4 of the Elementary Magnet Schools in the Montgomery Alabama area. (Photo taken by Patrice Miller)

According to Sarah Cantey of Alabama News stated, “With the success of Montgomery’s magnet schools, city and county officials are trying to expand the magnet school options in the Capital City. One of the schools –Lamp Magnet High School is ranked number 1 in the state, and number 7 in the country and officials believe it to be a model program. In fact, there are 2,000 students on the waiting list to attend magnet school and with 30,000 students enrolled in Montgomery’s school system, officials say they want to know what it would takes to bring another school into town.” The magnet schools in the Montgomery, Alabama area does have a total of 9 magnet schools.  There are a total of 4 elementary magnet schools, 3 middle magnet schools, and 2 high school magnet schools.  The Montgomery Public school system website does provide information on dates application for magnet will be open and deadlines to have those applications turned in with all of the requirements.

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