General Mills Box Tops for Education (Photo taken by Patrice Miller)

Dalraida Elementary School, in Montgomery, Alabama is collecting Box Tops to earn cash for their school. Box Tops for education is through General Mill, and according to General Mills  website it states, “It all started in California in 1996. General Mills wanted to create a program to help support education and benefit America’s schools-and so, Box Tops were only available on select Big G cereals, such as Cheerios TM, Total TM and Lucky Charms. The program was success a huge success, that it  launched on other General Mills products and expanded across the nation.”

General Mills Lucky Charm Cereal Box (Photo taken by Patrice Miller)

Dalraida is also getting their students involved, by giving them a chance to collect 10 Box Tops by February 14 and all those who participate will receive a Valentine’s day treat.  According to Dalraida, 10 Box Tops equal a $1.00 dollar that goes toward their school and education. You can buy any General Mills product from any local grocery store and be able to cut out the Box Top.

Dalraida Box Top Collection sheet, for students to tape their collected Box Tops on each heart. (Photo taken by Patrice Miller)

Bessie Stevenson, who has a granddaughter that attends Dalraida Elementary school, says she   supports what Dalraida Elementary school is doing. She also stated, “When I go grocery shopping, I pick up General Mills snacks and cereal for my Granddaughter and cut out the Box Tops so she can help her school earn cash for education.”

Bessie Stevenson cut out General Mills Box Tops (Photo taken by Patrice Miller)

You can show this Elementary School some love, by collecting Box Tops, bringing them to the school, so they can earn cash for education and school.  To learn more about how you can get involved  please visit  http://www.dalraidappa.org/calendar/2017/2/1/we-love-box-tops .

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