Burned, greased frying pan. (Photo by Patrice Miller)

Stay at home mom Tracy Bell, has discovered her own home remedy to clean her pots and pans.  Tracy utilizes Coca Cola to clean those burned and greased pans after cooking dinner for her family. Tracy states, “I would have to replace pots and pans almost ever 6 months. I cook 6 days out of the 7-day week for my family.  A good friend of mines told me about how coke helps with cleaning pots, so I tried it for myself and I have been cleaning my pots and pans with coke for the past year now.” Tracy also enjoys the pleasure of not only using coke cola to clean her pans, but she also enjoys the drink after a long day.

20 oz Coca-Cola Bottle. (Photo by Patrice Miller)

Tracy states, after she gets done cooking, she immediately takes her cooked meal out of the pan and pour a 3/4 cup of coca cola in the burned pan. She says, “I let the coke soak in the pan for a good 10 to 15 minutes and then I go ahead and wash the pan out.”  Tracy says, after a good wash, her pan is back to normal with no grease or burned residue left.

Tracy Bell cooking her ground beef in a pan. (Photo by Patrice Miller)


Coca-Cola soaking in the pan. (Photo by Patrice Miller)

Tracy says, Coca-Cola has become a great house hold cleaning product for her pans after she cooks. She says, “I wish, I could tell every mom all over the world, how great this product works, with cleaning pans.”

Tracy Bell, washing the pan. (Photo by Patrice Miller)


Tracy Bell, holding up the clean pan after cleaning it with Coca-Cola. (Photo by Patrice Miller)

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