Life Through Colors, a Christian Hip-hop group from Alabama, is sharing their testimony and life experience to others all over. The group consist of two members, T.Pope and Rockette. They met at church by putting together a song for an event. Life Through Colors says, “They try to see things on a brighter side. When it comes to us as a group, we are just two guys who really love God and has developed a brotherhood over the years.”

Both members of Life Through Colors, share their testimony, love for God and their experience with God through their music. Life Through Colors stated, “We give our passion in our music. We try to be as transparent as possible, hiding nothing and holding nothing back.”  Life Through Colors ministers their music through rap, which has helped some people get delivered.

Life Through Colors music can be found and purchase on iTunes, amazon MP3, and also on their website  You will also be able to purchase Life Through Colors merchandise, watch videos, keep up with their latest news,  learn more about the group and  how you can book them for your next event on their website at  The group can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

“The goal is to try to keep you, from experiencing the things we have experienced, or if you are experiencing these things, hopefully we can tell you how to get out of that,” Life Through Colors.

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