The deadline for submitting applications to the Montgomery magnet schools have now passed. Parents and guardians like Bessie Stevenson who has a granddaughter the Montgomery Public School system traditional school stated, “I check my email every day to see if they have emailed me in regards to my granddaughter application status.”  Bessie Stevenson was also featured in the story “Parents Happy with Montgomery Magnet Schools’ new online application.”  Bessie stated, “They never informed us exactly when they would email the acceptance letter but to make sure we saved the MPS email address so the email would not go into our junk mail.”

Some of the traditional schools in the Montgomery, Alabama area are on the list of failing schools. According to WSFA ,“The Alabama State Board of Education has released a new list of the state’s failing schools, which is defined by the Alabama  Act of 2015.” Bessie stated, it is very important that my granddaughter gets in to the magnet school she has applied to.

“My granddaughter elementary school is not on the list of failing schools but I want her  education to be enhanced based off of her learning need,” stated Bessie Stevenson.

Bessie stated, she has been trying to get her granddaughter in the Montgomery magnet program since she was in kindergarten. She stated her granddaughter would meet all the qualifications to get in, but she was always placed on the waiting list due to no more room in the grade level. Bessie hopes this year will be her granddaughter year, to finally get into the MPS magnet program.



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