We all have a purpose in life, and once you’ve discovered exactly what your purpose is, you have finally found what makes your heart and mind both agree on. Just imagine waking up every day to something that makes your heart smile. Imagine finally doing something that brings out the best you and being a light to those who are still searching for their purpose.

Patrice Miller is a young woman of God who has discovered her purpose for living. To be a light to those who are searching for theirs. She is a motivational speaker and Christian writer who encourages and motivates others to discover their true purpose for living.  Growing up without her biological father being a part of her life, she looked for love from a man, to fill a void that only God could fill. Through a toxic relationship, she became a mother, and from there she made a lifetime decision to give her life back to God.

     Through life experiences, dedicating her life back to God, he revealed her true purpose for living. There she answered her calling into God Ministry, as a teacher of his words. She wrote her first book, “Falling in Love with Jesus and Loving Yourself,” and in it she tells the story about her life and her journey with God. She has started her own Ministry and organizes tea parties for young women, helping them discover their purpose and plan for their lives. Patrice has also started her own non-profit organization, “Girls Rocking 4 Christ,” where she encourages young girls to become leader following Christ.

     Patrice is a single parent to a beautiful little girl, she has set the standards for her life high, so her actions will teach her daughter the value of hard work. Patrice believes that we all have a story to tell. On this website, you will be fed spiritually with encouraging stories, testimonies about her journey with God and newsworthy stories that will encourage others to get involve in the world around them.