A stay at home Mom, has discovered her favorite soft Drink Coca-Cola, does more than just taste good, but it cleans good to.

Burned, greased frying pan. (Photo by Patrice Miller)

Stay at home mom Tracy Bell, has discovered her own home remedy to clean her pots and pans.  Tracy utilizes Coca Cola to clean those burned and greased pans after cooking dinner for her family. Tracy states, “I would have to replace pots and pans almost ever 6 months. I cook 6 days out of the 7-day week for my family.  A good friend of mines told me about how coke helps with cleaning pots, so I tried it for myself and I have been cleaning my pots and pans with coke for the past year now.” Tracy also enjoys the pleasure of not only using coke cola to clean her pans, but she also enjoys the drink after a long day.

20 oz Coca-Cola Bottle. (Photo by Patrice Miller)

Tracy states, after she gets done cooking, she immediately takes her cooked meal out of the pan and pour a 3/4 cup of coca cola in the burned pan. She says, “I let the coke soak in the pan for a good 10 to 15 minutes and then I go ahead and wash the pan out.”  Tracy says, after a good wash, her pan is back to normal with no grease or burned residue left.

Tracy Bell cooking her ground beef in a pan. (Photo by Patrice Miller)


Coca-Cola soaking in the pan. (Photo by Patrice Miller)

Tracy says, Coca-Cola has become a great house hold cleaning product for her pans after she cooks. She says, “I wish, I could tell every mom all over the world, how great this product works, with cleaning pans.”

Tracy Bell, washing the pan. (Photo by Patrice Miller)


Tracy Bell, holding up the clean pan after cleaning it with Coca-Cola. (Photo by Patrice Miller)

Help Dalraida Elementary School earn cash for Education by collecting Box Tops

General Mills Box Tops for Education (Photo taken by Patrice Miller)

Dalraida Elementary School, in Montgomery, Alabama is collecting Box Tops to earn cash for their school. Box Tops for education is through General Mill, and according to General Mills  website it states, “It all started in California in 1996. General Mills wanted to create a program to help support education and benefit America’s schools-and so, Box Tops were only available on select Big G cereals, such as Cheerios TM, Total TM and Lucky Charms. The program was success a huge success, that it  launched on other General Mills products and expanded across the nation.”

General Mills Lucky Charm Cereal Box (Photo taken by Patrice Miller)

Dalraida is also getting their students involved, by giving them a chance to collect 10 Box Tops by February 14 and all those who participate will receive a Valentine’s day treat.  According to Dalraida, 10 Box Tops equal a $1.00 dollar that goes toward their school and education. You can buy any General Mills product from any local grocery store and be able to cut out the Box Top.

Dalraida Box Top Collection sheet, for students to tape their collected Box Tops on each heart. (Photo taken by Patrice Miller)

Bessie Stevenson, who has a granddaughter that attends Dalraida Elementary school, says she   supports what Dalraida Elementary school is doing. She also stated, “When I go grocery shopping, I pick up General Mills snacks and cereal for my Granddaughter and cut out the Box Tops so she can help her school earn cash for education.”

Bessie Stevenson cut out General Mills Box Tops (Photo taken by Patrice Miller)

You can show this Elementary School some love, by collecting Box Tops, bringing them to the school, so they can earn cash for education and school.  To learn more about how you can get involved  please visit  http://www.dalraidappa.org/calendar/2017/2/1/we-love-box-tops .

Baldwin Arts and Academics Magnet School is hosting a Valentines Day Dance for their Students

Baldwin Magnet School, located in Montgomery, Alabama   (Photo by Patrice Miller)

Baldwin Arts and Academics Magnet School, located in Montgomery, Alabama will host a Valentine’s Day dance on February 3, 2017. According to Baldwin.mps-al.org, “Baldwin magnet houses two separate magnet schools- Baldwin Arts and Baldwin Academics. Baldwin Academics is designed to provide opportunities for middle school students to pursue challenging academic work in the areas of computer technology, research experiences, foreign languages, and intensified classroom and community engagements.”  Baldwin Magnet school not only offer academics but they also offer fun events outside of the class rooms like the Valentine’s Day dance for students.

 Jannette Wright is the Principal at Baldwin Arts and Academics Magnet School. Baldwin Magnet School Purpose is, “Baldwin Arts and Academics Magnet School’s purpose is to foster academic success, nurture artistic talent, and promote positive social development in middle school students. Baldwin’s mission is to provide middle school students with challenging curricula and learning experiences to produce motivated, conscientious, and well-rounded citizens” according to Baldwin.mps-al.org.

Baldwin also offers students opportunities to be a part of the clubs and organizations at the school. According to Baldwin.mps-al.org those clubs and organizations are Chinese Club, National Junior Honors Society, Student Council, and Yearbook. Baldwin also offers students band, strings, choral music, classical guitar, creative writing, dance, drama. Piano, and visual arts in the field they are interested in  according to Baldwin.mps-al.org. Baldwin Facebook page shares  video clips of past performances of students.

Baldwin Magnet School, located in Montgomery, Alabama (Photo by Patrice Miller)

Baldwin Arts and Academics Magnet School is one out four of the middle magnet schools in the Montgomery area.  Applications for 2017-2018 school year has not been open yet according to the Montgomery Public School System website. The Montgomery Public School system will keep everyone posted and updated when the applications will become available.

The Valentine’s Day dance is held by Baldwin Arts and Academics Magnet School Parent Teachers Students Association also known by PTSA. The dance is for all students in grades 6th through 8th who attend Baldwin Arts and Academics Magnet. The dance will be held inside of school the gym with the dress attire being casual, students are to arrive at 7:00 p.m. and be picked up by 10:00 p.m. says Jaleesa Nelson a parent of a student who attends the school.  Students will have to pay $10.00 per ticket if they wish to attend the Valentine’s Day dance held at the school by the school PTSA on Friday February 3, 2017 according to Jaleesa Nelson.

Montgomery Public School MPACT has a lot to offer students that prepare them for their future

Tammie D Turpin Jones is an Information Technology teacher with the Montgomery, Alabama Public school system at Montgomery Preparatory Academy.  Tammie D Turpin Jones stated, she has been teaching for 26 years and 21 years with the Montgomery Public school system this year.  Ms. Tammie D Turpin Jones is a graduated of Grambling State University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems.

Ms. Jones has earned several certifications such as Alabama Technical Education Certification, Alabama Professional Educators Certification, Microsoft Certified Educator, Microsoft MTA Certification (Windows Operating System), Microsoft MTA Certification (Network Fundamentals), Microsoft MTA Certification (Security Fundamentals), Microsoft MTA Certification (Windows Server Administration Fundamentals) and Microsoft Certified Office User (MOUS) according to Montgomery Preparatory Academy website.

Ms. Jones states, the Montgomery Preparatory Academy school also known as MPACT prepares students for college or career ready after high school.  According to MPACT, “Our students learn in a real world environment under the direction of highly skilled trade professionals who bring many years of experience to the classroom. With the specialized training acquired at MPACT, a student can graduate high school with industry certifications and two-year college credits through dual enrollment.”  MPACT focuses on career and college ready while Magnet Schools focus on Academic, stated Ms. Jones.

In middle school Parents should have a general idea of what their child would like to do, stated Ms. Jones.  The Montgomery Public School System provides Magnet Schools for Academics and a Career Technology Academy. Montgomery Public School System Magnet Program and MPACT both require applications for each school year. Information on when the applications will be available please visit www.mps.k12.al.us .

Ms. Jones was nominated by one of her student for the “Class Act” award  for Teachers by WSFA news station in Montgomery, Alabama. Ms. Jones stated her student submitted a letter to the news company explaining how their experience with Ms. Jones has been. This is the link to see Ms. Jones receiving her Class Act award  http://www.wsfa.com/clip/13032801/class-act-tammie-turpin-jones .

You can follow Ms. Jones on LinkedIn , Twitter  or send her an email if you have any questions pertaining to MPACT or her program Information Technology.  The Montgomery Preparatory Academy website www.mpact.mps-al.org does provide information on the Principale,  School Staff, clubs & organizations,  the majors the school has to offer, how parents can get involved, about the school, community services, latest news, class activities, and supply list for each class.

Montgomery Superintendent and Carver Elementary Magnet School Principale share similar goals in seeing students achieve.

 Montgomery, Alabama Magnet school applications for the 2017-2018 school are not yet released yet according to the Montgomery Public School system website.  With Montgomery county having a total of 9 magnet schools in the county each school offers something different. Margaret Allen the superintendent of the Montgomery Public school, “Margaret’s passion for seeing students reach their full potential guided every decision made throughout her career. Mrs. Allen sustained a heart for doing what is best for children as she served in every professional role.” According to the Montgomery Public School system. “She believes that student success is the essence of the collaborative work of all stakeholders,” According to the Montgomery Public School System.

Calandra Crenshaw  is the Principale of Carver Elementary Magnet Program in Montgomery, Alabama.  “As the newly appointed Principal here at Carver Elementary and Arts Magnet School, it is my pleasure and honor to join you in continuing the rich history of academic and arts excellence that this school has been known for so many years” she stated.  Carver Elementary and Arts Magnet school focus on the arts program. According to www.carverelem.mps-al.org stated, “The arts instruction is conducted during the school day, ad during Extended Day classes, by practicing artists in the following arts area: Classical Guitar, Band, Strings (violin viola, cello &bass) Piano, Choral Music, Drama, Classical Dance and Visual Arts.”  Ms. Crenshaw stated, “As the Principal, my goal is to inspire others and provide the necessary guidance to help others obtain their goal.” Margaret Allen tweeted ,“New principal Crenshaw shares with Staff the story of how she got to Carver Magnet as the lead learner.”    For  those who may be interested in their child applying for the school, visit the www.carverelem.mps-al.org which gives great information on the school and also the Principal.

Photo taken by Montgomery County Public School. 19 Oct 2016. Retrieved from https://twitter.com/MPSAL

For More additional information on the Montgomery, Alabama magnet school programs and each principale visit  http://www.mps.k12.al.us .



The Montgomery Magnet School Applications

Alabama Association of School Board, located in Montgomery, Alabama.                             (Photo by Patrice Miller)

The Montgomery, Alabama Public school system magnet application process is about to begin for the 2017 and 2018 school year.  The magnet school application can be downloaded from the the Montgomery Public school system website at www.mps.k12.al.us.  According to the Montgomery Public School system website, the magnet school application could also be  obtained by any Montgomery Public school or the Montgomery County Board of Education located at 307 South Decatur Street. Application details are also available on the Montgomery Public School System website.

The magnet school application process was changed in 2015. According to Drew Taylor of the Montgomery Advertisement stated, “Changes with applications included allowing only one application for each level elementary, middle and high schools- rather than a separate one for each schools having all applications processed at the MPS Central Office, testing for new applicants only for kindergarten and first grade , the elimination of ranking in order to fill spots and required auditions at arts magnet schools for interested students.”  That came in effect for the 2016-2017 school year for the Montgomery public school system.

The Montgomery Public school system website, does provide information of each Magnet school in the Montgomery area.  A list of those Magnet school are Bear Exploration Center, Carver Elementary Arts, Forest Avenue Academic, MacMillan International Academy, Baldwin Academic Magnet, Carr Academic Magnet, Floyd Middle Magnet, Booker T. Washington Magnet, Brewbaker Technology Magnet, and Loveless Academic Magnet.   The Montgomery Public School system website does provide information about each magnet school with their requirements, location and grade point average to apply for each school.

MacMillian International Academy. One of 4 of the Elementary Magnet Schools in the Montgomery Alabama area. (Photo taken by Patrice Miller)

According to Sarah Cantey of Alabama News stated, “With the success of Montgomery’s magnet schools, city and county officials are trying to expand the magnet school options in the Capital City. One of the schools –Lamp Magnet High School is ranked number 1 in the state, and number 7 in the country and officials believe it to be a model program. In fact, there are 2,000 students on the waiting list to attend magnet school and with 30,000 students enrolled in Montgomery’s school system, officials say they want to know what it would takes to bring another school into town.” The magnet schools in the Montgomery, Alabama area does have a total of 9 magnet schools.  There are a total of 4 elementary magnet schools, 3 middle magnet schools, and 2 high school magnet schools.  The Montgomery Public school system website does provide information on dates application for magnet will be open and deadlines to have those applications turned in with all of the requirements.

An Alabama Hip-hop artist hopes his message behind His music will reach Others all over

Antonio Blevins a hip-hop artist from Montgomery, Alabama just released his album Oslumma Binpoltin. His music can be purchased on iTunes and cd. He hopes that the message behind his music, will reach others all over the United States. Antonio being born and raised in a Civil Rights state states, “Alabama is often looked for having talented artist.”

“My music is ear catching and eye catching,” stated Antonio Blevins.

As an artist Antonio says you can’t be blinded by the money. It’s about your morals and your values.  His music has a great message behind it, that young and older people can relate Antonio says.

Kimberly Barnes of Mississippi a supporter of Antonio music states, “His music talks about things that has happen in his life.” Kimberly also says his music takes her back to when rappers talked about real life issues like the late hip hop artist 2 Pac Shakur.  You have to go check out Antonio music yourself to understand, Kimberly stated.

An 8 year old Gymnast who’s following in Gabby Douglas footsteps

Belks Activity Center where the Alabama State Gymnastics Championships was held in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.( Photo Taken by Patrice Miller)

 Alabama hosted its 2016 Women Gymnast state meet in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at the Belk Activity Center this weekend.  Gymnasts traveled from all over Alabama, especially an 8 year old  Gymnast  named  E’Laisia Miller from Montgomery, Alabama.

E’Laisia pictured on the left besides Kristen who is also a gymnast and Jhadyn pictured on the right who is also a gymnast. (Photo taken by Patrice Miller)

“This is my third year doing gymnastic, but my second year competing on a competitive team,” stated E’Laisia Miller.

Scoreboard with E’Laisia final score on the Floor routine. (Photo taken by Patrice Miller)

E’Laisia is on the United Gymstars and Cheer gymnastics level two team. E’Laisia says she is on a mission to follow in  Gabby Douglas the U.S. Gymnast footsteps.  E’Laisia who goes by the nick name “Lai Lai” says, “Gabby Douglas is someone I look up to, I hope to one day represent my country in the U.S Olympics the same way Gabby has.”  E’Laisia says she practice 3 days a week and her parents provide her with private lessons, which is one on one practice with the head coach.

Douglas, Gabby. (2016) Instagram. Retrieved from https://www.instagram.com/p/OR6c1zN5lV/?taken-by=gabbycvdouglas

E’Laisia completed her last event at the meet, she heads into another room where her mother, and grandparents wait to see where she placed in each event. E’Laisia grandmother Bessie Stevenson sits in the front row, with her phone out ready to take pictures of E’Laisia as she comes on stage.

“ E’Laisia loves gymnastics, she looks up to Gabby Douglas as if she’s her big sister. E’Laisia love for this sport has made our family fall in love with this sport. We will support her dream, and hopefully this will lead her to the Jr Olympics, and eventually the U.S Olympics,” stated Bessie Stevenson.

E’Laisia leading the line to take her place on her stage. (Photo taken by Patrice Miller)

E’Laisa finished the state meet with 4th place overall, 1ST place Vault, 1ST place Balance beam, 3RD place floor routine and 9TH place bars. Surrounded by her family and teammates she celebrates her hard work.

E’Laisia standing on stage at Alabama State Meet. (Photo By Patrice Miller)

“I am so proud of my baby, she placed 4th place out of 42 girls in her age range,” stated Bessie Stevenson.

E’Laisia says since this season is over, she will now move on to level 3 and learn new routines for each event.

E’Laisia showing off her medals after the competition. (Photo taken by Patrice Miller)

“I hope to one day meet Gabby, and tell her how much she inspires me to stay focus as a gymnast, and I’m walking in her footsteps,” stated E’Laisia.

Douglas, Gabby. (2016). Instagram. Retrieved fromhttps://www.instagram.com/p/BM61JdIgWpb/?taken-by=gabbycvdouglas